Update #7

A page displaying similar videos which will help you with plenty many aspects of your brand's or company's presence on the internet will be posted on a page in the blog section of mihirs.com

Update #6

Fully functional blog for Mihirs Live|Learn|Share is up and running. Later to be added to the blog is RSS function to get you the news from across news outlets.

Update #5

Uploaded working and final version of landing page for mihirs.com and moved on to second stage i.e. building LYFE:Blog.

Update #4

Working beta versions of home page and admin page uploaded to servers. Positive feedback from well-wishers assured us to go ahead with the current www.mihirs.com website version.

Update #3

Chose a modern logo with an M that depicts two people shaking hands in limelight, the logo also sets the color scheme for texts and web-block of the website. That is shades of grey and white. Started working on website.

Update #2

Ran a social media campaign, requesting followers, friends and acquaintans alike to opine on their choice of logo. And give a feedback of a new or existing idea if necessary.

Update: #1

Started conceptualizing and creating logo for Mihir. Criteria for the Logo being display of human instincts of being together/ sharing and or human communication

Mihir A. Shah

Hi I believe acquaintanship is a human necessity, so before begining the journey with mihirs.com if you would like to learn about the creator of the website, I am pleased to present you LYFE.INFINITY|Myself